Thursday, August 6, 2009

Destin 2009 - Day 3,4,5

Quick Recap for Days 3, 4, 5 - Tues we went shopping at the Silver Sands outlet and kept Coach in business :), Wed Scott and Ethan played golf and then we tried going to the beach in the afternoon excpet a terrible windy storm blew in, (fyi - wind blowing on the beach does not feel so great, sand hitting you terribly hard is no bueno especially for kids), Thur we spent the day with the Byrnes had a great time at Crab Island (although huge jelly fish loomed all around), then a great dinner out with adults only (thanks Jocey) then back in the boat to the Harbor to see the fireworks.


Krystal Cummins said...

Hook-em Horns, Ethan, atta boy! Your Daddy taught you right. lol. So pretty there and they all look so big especially Evan. Wow he shot right up!