Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ethan's First Day of School

Today is a big day in Ethan's life, as he starts school. He was so excited this morning. I went upstairs to wake him up this morning. I pat him on the chest saying, "Ethan, time to get up" very softly....and had no response. I then said, "Ethan, time to get up for school" and he shot up like a rocket.

We took him into class this morning and he did great. He wasn't scared at all. Actually, I think he was trying to take it all in. His best friend in the whole world Morgan is in his class. We are glad she is in his class, they get along great. Ethan has an instant buddy on the first day.

Now Emma is the boss of the house, with Ethan at school. Although she would probably tell you she is the boss even when he is here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kara's Birthday

Today is Kara's "29th" birthday, and to celebrate it we went to the Greatest Show on Earth!!!! Kara really wanted to take Ethan and Emma to the Circus and opening night just happened to be on her birthday. To begin the evening, we went to Tin Star in Downtown Dallas then we headed over to the Circus. Ethan's favorite part of the show was watching the tigers. Emma's was when they brought out some dogs to do some tricks and they played "Who Let the Dogs Out?" One of the dogs walked around on it's back legs the whole time. All of the animals were amazing to see and performed many tricks. Kara's favorite part of the evening had nothing to do with the Circus. While taking Emma to go potty, she got to see Troy Aikman out in the concourse.

On Friday, we went to Kobe Steak's to celebrate Kara's birthday. As always, we ate too much.